Life is an obstacle course! Better to go through it solo, or with people who are willing to navigate the twists and turns with you?

When my daughters were young, we spent a fair amount of time on the slides and swings at the park near our home. 

One day, they were bored with the same old routine, so I created an obstacle course for them. Start at the bench, run to the first ladder, climb up to the platform, run across and down the slide, over to the next slide, climb up and then run to the next ladder and climb down, then scurry back to the starting line. 

We laughed and cheered each other on. It felt new, exciting, and great fun. “Thanks for running the course with us, Dad.” 

After several days of running our obstacle course, a couple of brothers asked if they could join us. Of course! More laughter and cheers for everyone. 

Life is a series of obstacle courses, some physical by choice or by circumstance, some emotional, or mental. So often, we’re struggling through those obstacles courses on our own with no one to laugh with or cheer us on. 

The truth is, there are a couple of brothers, friends, co-workers, supportive parents, or a leader or supervisor who are willing to run that obstacle course with us as part of a team or part of the cheering section. 

My daughters and I could’ve kept our game to ourselves, but the brothers asked, they were sincere about joining us, and we gladly let them in to join in the fun and be a part of our team. 

Just a thought. Part of what forges a team, a project, or an organization, is letting people in, even when we think “we’ve got this.” Check your reasons for going it alone, and see if there’s room for other people to join you in navigating through your obstacle course to support you or cheer you on.

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