Have conversations that matter to keep your best people!

Working with leaders to eliminate small talk to have conversations that matter to keep your best and brightest people!

What would it look like if everyone working in your organization felt acknowledged for the work they do, and were motivated to stay with your organization forever?




A leader in the industry

This program allowed us to become ‘one’ instead of being isolated and not knowing anything about each other.”

– member, Girls Volleyball Team, Zion High School, Zion, IL

As a leader in employee retention, and creating an environment where everyone feels acknowledged for their contributions every day, John Nepper shares strategies and techniques that are vital to keeping your best and brightest people.

No matter where someone is from, no matter their culture,
socio-economic status, or background; Their. Stories. Matter!

Support your team in discovering
The 3 Essential “How to” Skills
for keeping your best people fulfilled:

Learning People’s Stories and why that matters

The Ultimate Rules and why asking the right questions are essential for employee retention

Support Strategies for inspiring and motivating your best people to stay


John Nepper & The Story Formula
for Extraordinary Retention™

We provide interactive, high energy live virtual and live onsite keynotes, trainings and workshops that provide leaders with the skills necessary to attract, and retain the very best people.

The Story Formula for Extraordinary Retention™ provides your people with the ultimate rules for creating higher levels of trust and connection, and a framework for having conversations with employees that motivate them to stay forever.

Our mission is to create a joyful world by maximizing the very best of human potential!

The Story Formula for Extraordinary Retention™ teaches:

  • The step by step strategy for building trust between leaders and employees
  • The reasons why people avoid having conversations that matter, and how to overcome those barriers
  • In-depth ways to acknowledge and appreciate people for the contributions they make every day
  • How asking the right questions invites people to willingly share their ideas, opinions and feelings
  • How to be a more empathetic leader
This is personal, too!

Many times early in my career, I felt like my story and what I had to say just didn’t matter until I discovered the Story Formula for Extraordinary Retention™. I want everyone to know that no matter where they’re coming from, their culture, their socioeconomic status, or their background, their story matters!

Here’s what we believe:

  • Everyone’s story matters
  • As leaders, our voice isn’t always the most important voice in conversation.
  • People are dying to be heard. Are you listening?
  • Being fully present and attentive is a powerful connection tool.
  • Acknowledging people for the work they do every day is crucial to organization success!
  • The mantra in connection and story conversations is always, “It’s not about me!”
  • Respect for everyone is essential
  • Maintaining each person’s dignity is a must!
  • Being brave enough to have conversations that matter isn’t always easy, but always important, especially where retaining your best people is concerned
Let’s have fun while learning to be more effective leaders!

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