“Hey, I gotta tell you. If you haven’t seen John Nepper speak, you have to. If you’re talking about a person who can add positivity to your life it’s John. If you’re talking about a person who can let you find your own inspiration, it’s John.”


Educator, Haborside Academy

“John Nepper was able to talk about peak experiences, and how to really grab hold and advance yourself. John, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing good work.”


Past President , Lead MN

“Hi, I just heard John Nepper speak and it was phenomenal. He had so many wonderful ideas to stay motivated in your life, and keep going. He’s really funny and he’s got a wonderful amount of information for you to go forward with.”


Owner, AN Photography

“John’s a funny guy. He is also a very passionate guy and he communicates that passion to a larger audience in just amazing ways.”

Dave Underwood

Educator, harbourside Academy

"So boring, humdrum, uneventful. Then John Nepper is not the person you need to go see speak.”

Leslie Jensen

Professional Educator

“My take-away today, was a quote he gave us that said “As long as your own words make you bleed, you will never succeed.” I’ll take this to the end. This is an awesome quotes and I believe that whole-heartedly. You’ve got to be positive in what you think about yourself and the things that you do.”


MSMSA audience member

“One of the things John reminded me of was that I was at a low point in my life and I went down to the college and our gal at the front desk told me I wasn’t too old to go back to school, and that I should have the confidence to do it. So for me, that was a peak moment. And, thank you for reminding me of that, John.


MSMSA audience member

“Creating Peak Experiences…And Beyond!™” rates among the best presentations that I’ve seen. I was absorbed and walked away with the desire to become better in the things in my life which are most important to my family and myself.”

Cindy G

IT Professional

“John’s open and honest personality, together with his intelligent and thoughtful approach, helped to lower the barriers that can inadvertently keep people apart and stimulated reflection on important issues of personal growth and cooperation- so vital to the development of inner health and positive self-esteem.“

John E

Professional Educator

“John’s presentation is fast-paced and combines many wonderful stories which audience members can easily relate to and enjoy. After 90 minutes together, we left refreshed, inspired to try the techniques and strategies he had taught us. I fully support John’s efforts to awaken the almost magical potential which each of us carries within us!”

Linda B

Professional Educator

“John Nepper believes as I do, that individuals can change the world. How do I get more of what I heard here?”

R. Lundberg

Mounds View

“As a motivational speaker, I was extremely impressed with your organization, communication, and wit with our students. You definitely have a gift in this area! “Creating Peak Experiences… and Beyond” is such a needed activity in today’s world of disillusion and discontentment. Bringing out the “BEST” in people and reaching for your dreams should be ideals that we all strive for. John, you addressed these areas with such candor and expertise.”

Randy D

Band Director, Christian Life School