About John

Turn your maximum potential
into maximum reality.

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John helps his clients trade the life they feel stuck in, for the life they deserve and are entitled to live.

Many people in the pursuit of their dreams often say things to John Nepper, motivational speaker, like “What’s the use? I keep trying but I keep getting the same results and feel like I’m going nowhere.”

They have resigned themselves to accepting that their dreams will never come true.

As a musician and a martial artist, John teaches his audiences to use the “Over and Over”™ Strategies. John has used and perfected these techniques in rehearsal, in the performance hall and in the dojo to move from getting the same results to breaking free and getting new and different results.

People often say they feel locked into their situation, locked up by a job or an unhappy marriage, and locked out from the things they still know their lives have to offer them.

“I’ve got a wife,a kid, and a second shift job. There goes that dream.” They also say “My dreams have passed me by,” or “I’m just not good enough…smart enough…talented enough…rich enough to make that happen.” John points out to his audiences that the ways we speak about ourselves to others, or to ourselves in the millions of conversations that go on in our minds all the time, are what sabotage what we want to become, achieve, or receive in our lives. Audience members learn how to become Power Listeners in their own lives, and how to apply the power listening strategies to counteract the negative self-talk that kills their dreams.

So many times, people put off the pursuit of the thing that makes them feel truly alive, their dreams, their passions, the lives they were meant to live. “Maybe when the kids are grown.” “Maybe when the kids go to college.” Maybe when I retire.” As a passionate creative, John Nepper believes and advocates for people to create their lives now, everyday, to not only think outside of the box, but inside the box as well.

The time to create our personal legacies is now.

In his motivational programs, speaker John Nepper, teaches people that imperfect action is far better than waiting until the dream, the life, the timing, etc. is perfect. Go now! Do it now! We can always course correct when we are in action.

“Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out.” –Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Well said, Mr. Holmes. The time to live is now!

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The CLIMB System for Joyful Living™

Participants learn how to go from challenge to choice, and how to go from being locked up, locked in, and locked out in their lives to a life of freedom.

Creating Peak Experiences…and Beyond™

Audience members learn how to harness the power of creative imagination that leads to living an inspired life and how to become the creators in their own life story. This program is all about creativity.

Are You Chasing Your Dreams or Just Sleepwalking™

In order to be “living the dream”, living your dream, you need to be fully awake and intentional about what you want to become, what you want to achieve, and what you want to receive in your life.

Firestarter-Ignite Your Life™

In this motivation talk, audience members are invited to explore and name what they want their personal legacy to be and the steps they need to put in place to have it happen.

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