In John’s keynote presentations, audience members get plenty of chances to interact with John and other people around them.


There’s plenty of laughter and fun in his talks, and a great mix of solid content that can be applied right away in people’s personal and professional lives, as well as life-changing motivation, and entertaining stories and exceptional trombone interludes that delight his audiences.


As a teacher, John knows first hand from sitting in a thousand boring faculty meetings, that “sit and git” lectures numb the collective brain, and he has vowed to never inflict that kind of yawn-inducing speech on his audiences.


John is committed to his mission to create a joyful world by maximizing the best of human potential in everything he does on stage and off.


Whether he is talking about the power of creating peak experiences…and beyond through positive growth mindset, the art of deep and engaged conversation, or encouraging audiences to move from a sliding scale of success and failure to one of individual and organizational contribution to the greater good, audience members leave feeling good, motivated, enlightened and entertained.

Creating Peak Experiences…& Beyond!™

What is the difference between the glass half full and the glass half empty. It all comes down to the way we look at it, our perspective, and our mindset. And the thing that shapes and creates our mindset is the language we use, in conversations about ourselves, and the way we talk with others. In our professional lives, the language used creates the culture and defines the work experience positively or negatively for those within the organization from the top down. It also defines the customer and client experience when interacting with the company and its products.

John believes that people move up, move forward, or move out when the have a positive growth mindset, never settling for less than they deserve.

In his keynote, John engages his audiences with compelling stories, rich content, and weaves in plenty of opportunities for the audience to    participate, smile, and laugh.

Audience members will:

  • Distinguish and create peak experiences, or growth mindset on demand.
  • Identify and remove obstacles to a positive growth mindset.
  • Create pathways to growth mindset that positively impact their levels of success, contentment, enjoyment and happiness.
  • Become power listeners in their own self-talk and discover how to change the negative self-talk into positive self-encouragement.
  • Move from the realm of random experience to world of intentional and powerful living.
  • Use the CLIMB System for Joyful Living™ to find their way home to the life they were meant to live.
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The Art of Engaged Conversation

Learn How to Create Success in Your Personal and Professional Relationships Through Meaningful, Rich, and Engaged Conversation.

Everyone has a story to tell. However, many people are dying to be heard.

Doctors and nurses give better health care by learning their patients’ stories.

Teachers are far more effective with their students when they know underlying stories in their history.

This is true in employer/employee relationships, between parents and their children, and between those in sales and their customers and clients.

In John’s personal life, his best relationships come from learning how to, and being willing to, engage with the people in his circles of love and influence in deep, rich and meaningful conversation.

These skills are crucial in a world where people are more and more disconnected.

In this keynote, audience members:

  • Discover their own strengths and weaknesses in connecting through conversation.
  • Learn how to ask open-ended questions that encourage further conversation.
  • Explore ways to listen so people will talk, and how to talk so people will listen.

Even basic mastery of these conversation strategies will lead individuals to have more meaningful relationships in their lives.

Businesses and organizations will see improvements in employee/employee, employer/employee, and company to customer relationships.

Lines of communication will open up in such a way that what is being said will truly be heard, needs will be met on a much more satisfying level for all parties involved, and the organizational environment will be enhanced, more effective, and appreciated by everyone.

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“Hey, I gotta tell you. If you haven’t seen John Nepper speak, you have to. If you’re talking about a person who can add positivity to your life it’s John. If you’re talking about a person who can let you find your own inspiration, it’s John.”


Educator, Haborside Academy

“My take-away today, was a quote he gave us that said “As long as your own words make you bleed, you will never succeed.” I’ll take this to the end. This is an awesome quotes and I believe that whole-heartedly. You’ve got to be positive in what you think about yourself and the things that you do.”


MSMSA audience member

“Hi, I just heard John Nepper speak and it was phenomenal. He had so many wonderful ideas to stay motivated in your life, and keep going. He’s really funny and he’s got a wonderful amount of information for you to go forward with.”


Owner, AN Photography

“John’s a funny guy. He is also a very passionate guy and he communicates that passion to a larger audience in just amazing ways.”

Dave Underwood

Educator, harbourside Academy

“Creating Peak Experiences…And Beyond!™” rates among the best presentations that I’ve seen. I was absorbed and walked away with the desire to become better in the things in my life which are most important to my family and myself.”

Cindy G

IT Professional

“John Nepper believes as I do, that individuals can change the world. How do I get more of what I heard here?”

R. Lundberg

Mounds View

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