John Nepper is a motivational speaker, professional educator, and storyteller and musician. He is the creator of popular programs like “Creating Peak Experiences and Beyond™,” “The Art of Engaged Conversation”™, and “Good Enough vs Never Good Enough”™. John is the go-to person when you want to charge up and electrify your life, and turn your maximum potential into maximum reality.

John was selected as Teacher of the Year in the Kenosha Unified School District, winner of the Herb Kohl Educational Fellowship Award, and has spoken for professional educators, at colleges and universities, and for churches and professional associations and organizations.

John integrates his experience as an educator, insight, and excitement with the concepts of building positive self-esteem, motivation, developing a positive attitude and setting goals for success in Life. John has used the strategies of the CLIMB System for Joyful Living™ to support, encourage, and guide audience members to face and overcome the fears and challenges that keep them from living full out and living out loud in their lives.

The person who is filled with passion, joy, celebration, happiness, and love is someone that John believes has connected in a deep way to his or her own Ultimate Self, the self that is content with who they are at any given moment. John’s passion is to help people find the clarity they need to get to the next level in their own personal transformation as they pursue their greatest passions, their biggest dreams, and their true and authentic purpose in life.

John At WMEA State Convention
Audience Participation with Peak Formula