Feeling Stuck-5 Strategies to Create Forward Motion In Your Life

Feeling stuck? Unmotivated? Bored?

There are so many ways that we get sidetracked from the things we need to be doing to create success and forward motion in our lives. Life happens. Our jobs require more time, energy and work than we had planned on, our budget is always squeezed, and there are always things and people that place demands on our time, keeping us from moving in the direction of our dreams and goals. Here are some things you can apply to get you in gear, and get you unstuck.

You Have to Be Ready for Change

Is there enough cognitive dissonance between where you are and where you want to go? In other words, is your desire to change and create something new and exciting in your life greater than your need to stay the same? Is your situation too tolerable? If yes, you won’t see a need to change yet and won’t be motivated enough to move forward if you can tolerate the things that make you uncomfortable. You will know you are ready for a change when you can no longer take the discomfort. What will it take to get you to the state of readiness for change?

Determine one thing you simply won’t tolerate anymore

What is the one thing you simply won’t tolerate, accept, or make excuses for in your life? When you know what that is you will be more able to make a plan for eliminating it. It might be that you won’t tolerate missing deadlines, whether for work, paying bills, or other commitments you. Perhaps you spend too much time checking emails, watching TV, wasting time in other ways. Make a decision to no longer tolerate one thing that keeps you from creating the life you want, and then stick to it. Be rigorous with yourself and don’t give in to the thing you decided not to tolerate or allow anymore in your life. Refuse to tolerate that one thing and you will find yourself unstuck and moving forward.

Make a Promise to Yourself

Are you good at keeping your promises to others? Are you a person of your word? When you make a promise, do you follow through? If you are a person who always follows through or recommits to your promise, then you have to make a promise to yourself and keep it no matter what it takes. Be a person of your word. Hold yourself accountable. Sometimes, the best way to do that is to ask for help from a trusted friend or family member. Make your commitment to yourself known to them and ask them to check in with you and hold you accountable and responsible to your promise.

Ask the Universe…and then Listen

Ask the universe for help, direction, forward motion, whatever it is that you seek for yourself. Don’t hold back, the universe won’t be offended. Ask and expect the universe to deliver on what you are asking and then …

Listen to the answers you receive. Listen carefully because the answers are always provided. Listen and then take decisive action, no matter how imperfect the action is. Any action is better than no action. You can always decide to take another action, but at least you are moving in a direction. Lisa Sasevich, the queen of Sales Conversion says “the universe can’t course correct for you if you are not in motion.”

Create a Treasure Map

Place all your wants, desires, wishes, prayers on a treasure map. Find pictures, and articles that support your dreams to create your map. Look at the map everyday and affirm that even if you don’t know how to get those things you desire, the universe does and will provide for you when the timing is right. You can’t determine the timing for yourself. But if you are patient, your requests will come to you in many different ways.

Try It. You’ll Like It

No one likes to be stuck, running like the in the squirrel cage going nowhere. Sometimes, being stationary gives you a chance to evaluate where you want to go and what you want to do in your life. It’s when you stay stationary for too long that frustration, overwhelm, boredom, and apathy set in.

Try one, or try several of the suggestions above to give yourself forward motion. Your actions don’t have to be perfect to get you moving. As NIke says, “Just Do It!”