Ready, Set, Go-3 Ways to Use the Power of Intention and Watch Your World Open Up in Ways You Never Imagined

Hello Friends,

Do you ever wish you go find a parking space closer to where you want to be because it’s cold outside, it’s raining, you don’t feel like walking all that far, or you’re running late and need a closer parking space? Me, too. Are you just about to pull into the perfect parking space and someone zips in there before you, the dirty rat!? Me, too. Have you ever been tempted to park in the handicapped parking space because you’ll only be a minute, and nobody is looking? (Me, too, but I don’t do it.)

However, I have found the cure, the solution, the secret to finding the perfect parking space 9 times out of 10. That’s pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

I will reveal the secret to you in just a moment. You won’t believe it. It may even shock you at how easy it is, and no, it doesn’t involve paying a tow truck to remove the offending car from your parking space.

Ready? Here goes.

Just state out loud exactly where you want to park and how long you will spend looking for it.

I often pull into a parking garage, or a crowded mall parking lot, or a street jam-packed with cars and state out loud to the universe and anybody else who is within earshot, that I will find a parking space as close to where I need to go as possible. The doubters in the car with me look at me and laugh until I pull into the exact parking space that I claimed I was going to find. Pretty cool, huh?

Told you it was simple! This is how you use the Power of Intention to bring about the outcomes you want to see in your life including the perfect parking space…over and over again.

In today’s The Ultimate Self ezine article, I will teach you about the Power of Intention and how to harness that power that we all have within us to create miracles in your life, or just find the perfect parking space.

Be joyful!


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Ready, Set, Go-3 Ways to Use the Power of Intention and Watch Your World Open Up in Ways You Never Imagined



noun: intention; plural noun: intentions

1. 1.

a thing intended; an aim or plan

Intention is something we not only desire to have happen, we expect it. Using intention to bring about positive changes is not necessarily something to add to your To-do list. To get the most out of it, however, you will have to practice it on a daily basis to train yourself to incorporate it in a consistent and powerful way to ensure that it will work for you over and over. The power of intention is not something to do but a way of thinking and a way of being.

Say it Loud. Say it Proud!

As I mentioned above, you have to state your intention in a clear, strong voice. Out loud is best because then you are letting the world know that you have stated what you want. Stating what you want or what you need is a training exercise that gets you in the habit or the “have-it” of not just asking for what you need but actually declaring it. Asking for what you need is polite (and we may need to temper our request sometimes depending on what it is) but it puts your request into the “We will handle your call in the order it was received” category. It’s almost like going to the Department of Motor Vehicles and getting a number…And you know how long that takes. State what you want, and then…

Expect it to Happen Now!

Setting the expectation for your intention to happen now will set things in motion for you to manifest whatever you had intended and it will shorten your waiting time. Your intention may not appear immediately, but then again, you never know. Like with my parking space intention, I expect it to show up within a minute or two, which is far different than a day or two. There is little gratification in seeing the perfect parking spot two days after your doctor’s appointment.

Several years ago, I stated my intention that I was going to purchase this well-appointed (lots of bells and whistles) van from a private party for $7000.00. The seller turned me down, only to call me a week later to let me know he would accept my offer. Unfortunately, the call came three days after I purchased another vehicle that wasn’t quite as nice as the one he was selling. I realized then that I had not expected it to happen in the now and it became a missed opportunity.

Be Prepared to Act on the Intention You Set

If you have delivered your intention to the world, and have set the expectation that it will happen, you have to be prepared to take action on whatever it is you intended when it shows up. There often times is a window of opportunity for your intentions and if you don’t act in a timely manner, the window may very well close leaving you “waiting for the next available teller.” If your intention is to find your dream house in the perfect neighbor, 10 minutes from work, with a wrap around porch and a tree swing in the backyard, and it goes up for sale at exactly the price you intended, you should put in an offer!. You have intended powerfully, and the universe has provided. When you are caught unaware and unprepared to receive the fruits of your dynamic thinking(intention) there is a good possibility that you didn’t trust in the true power of setting intention in the first place.

Let’s Review

State your intention, expect it to happen, and be prepared to act. It is as simply as Ready, Set, Go.

Now, go and find that perfect parking spot, unless of course, it is in the middle of rush hour traffic on the freeway. Then all bets are off.