I am one of those people who often gets asked “Are you always this energetic in the morning?” or “How much caffeine have you had today?” The answers are “Yes, I am always this energetic!” and “Caffeine is overrated! It makes me nervous, jittery and feeling a little out of control.”

I love running on my own fuel and choosing to live by the idea that I fairly “sizzle with zeal for that which I am called upon to do today.” I know that some people are morning people and some people function better at night. I also know that some people don’t function very well at all.  The important thing is that we can all choose to go full throttle through our days, intending to be at our peak, at our best, especial during our optimum times.

Today’s e-zine article is going to focus on the 3 necessary ingredients to get your day cooking, flying, and soaring. The best thing is that these ideas are easily implemented, don’t take up much time, and cost nothing. Actually, the very best thing is that they work and will change your life.

How about that?!



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The Recipe for a Great Day Has Three Key Ingredients

The Revelation of Choice

There is more to the word choice than most people know. If you look into the word you will notice three letters- O-I-C. Translation Oh, I See! This isn’t grammatical rocket science(if there is such a thing) but it is so critical to remember when we think about choice. The power of choice belongs to everybody, yet many people forget to engage it, use it, invoke it, and embrace it.

Oh, I see.

When I start my day, I have an entire menu full of options about how my day will turn out, whether it will be awesome or awful, meaningful or meaningless, and whether I will feel locked in, locked up, and locked out, or be liberated to create my day in any way that I intend for it to be.

Oh, I see.

I often hear people say “It’s been a bad day!” and they have only been up for an hour or two. I know a lot can happen in that amount of time, but I also firmly believe that the rest of my day can continue down the same horrible, challenging, boring, are-you-kidding-me? path if I don’t choose something different for myself.

There’s that word again. Choose.

Oh, I see.

Once you realize that you have choices about how your day is going to unfold, there are at least three things you must do to put your day in motion. You and I both know there are more things you can add to the list of “must-dos” but let’s not complicate things.

Choose to Breathe!

Well, duh! You’re thinking if this is the first thing out of the box, this guy better have something better than that if he wants me to keep reading.

You’re right. Saying to breathe sounds pretty simple. If you weren’t breathing you wouldn’t have to worry about anything else in your day. What I mean by saying you need to choose to breathe is that your breathing needs to be much more intentional, focused and full in order to start your day on the right path.

I can’t tell you how often I get to 4 o’clock in the afternoon, having been up for many hours that I notice I just took my first full, deep breath. Sometimes, I go through my entire day without ever breathing fully and with intention. That’s just not right, or good for a person. Deep breathing oxygenates our bloodstream, fueling our brains with the good stuff that helps us to clear out the muddy, sluggish thinking that is present when we wake up. It takes about a minute to breathe deeply in and out four times, but it is a crucial minute well spent. Without it, your brain may remain befuddled all day long. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford that.

Oh, I see.

Choose to Set Your Intention

Setting intention or being intentional about how your day will go takes you out of the realm of random happiness and success and puts you in the place of knowing exactly how and what will happen simply because you put those things into motion by choosing them.

Here are a couple of things to remember when setting intention.

  1. Make them as “I” statements in present tense, and as specific as possible. i.e. I have great, inspiring conversations with three people today.
  2. They can be about a specific outcome or a specific feeling.
  3. Avoid making “I will…” statements. This puts your intention into the future and limits the possibilities for success.

Oh, I see.

Choose to be Grateful

All of the power thinkers, the movers and shakers, the gurus on the cutting edge of creating the life you want, talk about the importance of gratitude. Gratitude helps us to appreciate what we have and who we have in our lives. It helps us to put a positive spin on things, even in the face of adversity and challenge. I find when I am grateful, even for seemingly small things, I feel more fulfilled and prosperous.

Here’s an interesting thing about gratitude. It works both after and before we experience something to be grateful for. At the end of my day before falling to sleep, I often think about the things that happened that made me give thanks; things like an unexpected gift, finding a $20 bill in my jeans, an extra burger in my fast-food bag.

When I start my day, I send my gratitude out in front of me, appreciating all the good things that I am setting in place(setting intention). I can be thankful for working in a positive environment, having a delicious lunch, maybe one that is shared with a good friend. I can start my day by being grateful for an entire day filled with all of the good things coming my way…even if they haven’t happened yet.

Oh, I see.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Remembering to breathe deep and full, setting intention, and being grateful take practice. They have to become habit, an everyday thing, if they are going to work. I can guarantee that they will positively affect your life by doing these simple steps.

Maybe it will help to think BIG (Breathe, Intent, Gratitude) when you get up in the morning.

Try it.

Oh, I see.