I know it has been several months since my last Ultimate Self e-zine article and it may seem as though I haven’t been thinking about The Ultimate Self™ and how to bring about lasting change in your personal and professional life… which is what the Ultimate Self™ is all about. On the contrary. I have been thinking and planning and refining and re-thinking, and over-planning, and redefining the whole idea of The Ultimate Self™. I’ve said that when we can clear out, and manage the challenges in our lives, learn to let go, and then fill ourselves with love, joy, and happiness then we touch what I call The Ultimate Self™.

We can all get there. The good stuff, raising our consciousness, being connected to something far greater than we are, and harnessing the power of living with intention are not just reserved for the select few enlightened ones around us. Again, we can all get there. The funny thing about transformation in our lives though, is that it doesn’t last unless we keep revisiting the strategies and tools that help find our way home to the person we want to be.

I’ve put those strategies into something called the CLIMB System for Joyful Living™.



The Ultimate Self

Creating a Joyful World by Maximizing the Best of Human Potential


Over the last 10 years, I have been involved in a project that ended up with me writing an ebook called Dear One, Letters from the Heavens. The book is a collection of letters penned in God’s voice, addressing issues and challenges we all face on a daily basis including self esteem, money, inadequacy, parenting, beauty, decisions, anger and many more. Most of the letters start out by acknowledging the reader’s pain, and then offering insights into finding peace, comfort, hope, joy and love.

Going from pain to hope is the path we all want to take to help us maneuver through the difficult times to get to peace and contentment, and to go from dissonance to harmony.

The CLIMB System for Joyful Living™ is designed to move us:

  1. from challenge to choice
  2. from feeling locked up, locked in, and locked out to feeling liberated and able to let go
  3. from feelings of inadequacy to being inspired, living intentionally, and being invincible
  4. from living a life of mediocrity to one of deep, personal meaning, and
  5. from feeling broken to breaking through to the life you want to live, grabbing the tail of the comet instead of being wagged by the tail of the dog.

How’s that for a system?

The thing about a system is that there is always a “What comes next?” step. It is intended to give clarity, practice at certain skills, strategies to develop the right mindset, and encouragement to know that what you are doing is going to get you where you want to go if you follow the steps. The system will work if you work it.

The Over and Over and Over Strategy

I have been a practicing and performing musician almost my entire life and the one thing I know above all other things is that until a skill is learned and becomes second nature, it has to be practiced over and over and over. The key is to practice correctly because something will be learned and ingrained into your thinking and way of doing things whether you practice it right or wrong. Do something over and over the wrong way and that is the way you will learn it. And then you are stuck. We all know how hard it is to get rid of a bad habit.

The CLIMB System for Joyful Living™ is sequential but can be started at any point in the system once you learn the steps. It’s just like dancing. Learn the steps and then plug what you know into the music and voila! You are moving about the dance floor of your life completely at home with the choreography.

In the March edition of The Ultimate Self™ I’ll  be going into more depth about the first step in the system  “Go from Challenge to Choice- 5 Steps to Get Clarity About Your Purpose, Your Greatest Passions, Your Biggest Dreams and Your Ultimate Self.”

Until then…

Play large and be joyful!