“Smile- People will either wonder what you’re up to or why you are so darn happy”


My pulse was racing. Little things were upsetting me. I felt myself getting more and more wound up.

…And the rehearsal for our all-city Choral Fest had just started minutes before all of my stress about the event burst to the surface.

Fortunately, I had to walk back and forth from the gym to our homeroom several times. I took the opportunity to breathe, and to smile.

Yep! That’s right. I was walking, and breathing, and smiling. Within two minutes, I felt relaxed, my stress level reduced to almost zero and the rest of the event was a breeze. I enjoyed it, and had fun.

All because of some breathing and a smile.

Enjoy today’s article…and smile:)



“Smile- People will either wonder what you’re up to or why you are so darn happy”

And… they will want what you have!


Nature has been unfair to me. It’s not that I’m not aging well. Apparently, I have a grumpy, serious face, and always have. Just like a famous feline you can look up on the internet.

My students have told me to lighten up. Their parents tell me I need to smile more at concerts. It’s not that I don’t like smiling. It just doesn’t come naturally.

So, I’m in smile training. Face push-ups, upward crunches, corner-of-mouth pull-ups. It’s grueling, but I’m going to stick with it because the benefits outweigh the pain of the workouts.

I hope you are smiling by now.

Everybody talks about the positive effects of smiling. It really is good for you. When we feel good, we are feeling the effects of endorphins, and serotonin, both labelled as natural feel-good chemicals being released in our bodies.

Smiling does positively effect our mood, our health, and our immune system. That in itself is a powerful reason to smile more. Smiling is also a major factor in positively affecting how others feel about themselves and about us. It makes us more attractive. In my case, having the countenance of the famous feline, this is very important.

So, smile. People will either wonder what you are up to, or why you’re so darn happy!

Smile 2-3-4, Smile 2-3-4, Smile 2-3-4. Whew! What a workout!